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What is Black Dance Magazine?

Black Dance Magazine is a quarterly print magazine that focuses exclusively on the international Black dance community, and an online publication that updates content on a rolling basis.

Recognizing that mainstream dance publications fail to address the unique needs of  professional and pre-professional Black dancers, company and studio owners, choreographers and lovers of Black dance, Black Dance Magazine seeks to provide complete coverage of the international Black dance community through our print and online publications.

Our Sections

Black Dance Magazine has nine editorial sections that we accept pitches and story ideas from freelance writers:

1)    Cover story

2)    Feature story

3)    Body Basics: Nutrition/Injury Prevention/My Personal Dance Story

4)    Spotlight: Upcoming Shows/Upcoming and Promising Dancers/New Choreographers and Dance Innovators

5)    Columns (regular contributing opportunities for our print and digital issues)

6)    Business

7)    BDM Fashion: Fashion/Beauty/BDM Favs (product reviews)/Costume and Makeup Tips

8)    Dance in Higher Ed: Highlights a Dance program, Dance trend in higher education/Other Related Issues

9)    BDM Media: Features books, music and media for and promoting Black Dance


What Kind of Writers Are We Looking For?

We are looking for strong writers, not just experienced journalists. Writers, dancers interesting in blogging and columnists should be well-versed in dance terminology, Black dance history and dance industry trends and norms.

What Kind of Articles Are We Looking For?

We are interested in articles that speak to the Black dance experience from the perspectives that include, but are not limited to:

-Dance teachers

-Studio and company owners

-Professional dancers

-Students in pre-professional, independent studio, artistic high school, college and conservatory programs

-Parents and supporters of young dancers-in-training

We ask that writers interested in contributing to Black Dance Magazine send us a query about your story idea via email to norma@blackdancemag.com with “Story Idea for Black Dance Magazine” in the subject line. The query must include the headline of your article, a list of at least three sources/people you intend to interview for your article, and a one-paragraph summary of your story idea.

If your article is complete, send it in a Word document. Please allow the Editor at least three days to respond to your query.

What Makes a Good Black Dance Magazine Article?

While a magazine article has more stylistic flare than a newspaper story, writers should not write in from the first person point of view (I, me, my, you, etc.) unless they are submitting a blog post for our website or a column for our print issue.

All writers, including bloggers and columnists writing on special topics such as dance therapy, should consult experts and industry leaders during the newsgathering/reporting process. Writers interested in contributing general articles, not columns, should consult at least three sources per article.

Writers should strive to captivate their readers by highlighting the most interesting aspect of the story first, and then focus on informing their readers about the five Ws and H (who, what, when, why, where and how). Articles should never be driven by the chronological order of a person’s life, dance career, etc. Writers should consult the Inverted Pyramid when formatting their articles prior to submitting them to the Editor.

We look forward to reading your story idea queries/pitches.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to Black Dance Magazine.



Norma Porter Anthony



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